We are Lethbridge Community Taiko

LCT is a community-based Taiko (Japanese drum) group.  Our business affairs are administered by, and we are financially supported by, the Lethbridge Community Taiko Association, a not for profit society. 

We respect our connections to Japanese Taiko tradition as we welcome the influence of our Western culture.  We include drummers of all musical experience and abilities.  Two groups have been established to meet the needs of our drummers as they gain confidence and skill. We practice weekly, year round and we perform for a variety of community and private events. 

Thursday Group is our entry level for beginner and intermediate drummers.  The Thursday group’s focus is on the basics:  stance, strokes and rhythms.  By the end of one year, members can expect to know 4 or 5 basic performance songs with the option to perform.  Other songs may be introduced.  

Depending on ability, interest and commitment, a Thursday drummer may choose the challenge of drumming with our Monday group. 

Monday Group is our advanced level group for performers who are hungry for a challenge.  The 2 ½ hour practice is fast-paced.  Musical selections are typically longer, with more complicated rhythms, arrangements and choreography. 

Both of our two groups have performance commitments – either on their own or together. Preparing for and performing at these special events is how all LCT members experience the unique energy of each group.  These are great opportunities to get together to learn and share.  

We are LCT                      

Bringing Taiko to the Community … and having fun doing it!


Music Director

Marc Vantol

Marc Vantol is a professional musician and educator working out of Lethbridge, Alberta. He completed his Music Diploma from Red Deer College, where he focused on drum set and contemporary styles including Jazz, Latin, Funk, R&B/Hip Hop, Ska, Pop/Rock and Reggae. His passion for music then led him to the University of Lethbridge where he later completed his Bachelor of Music degree in Classical music with distinction.

Marc works and performs with many different ensembles and groups, and has performed all across western Canada and internationally, including the United States and China.  He performs with the Lethbridge Symphony as well as the Symphony of the Kootenays based in Cranbrook, BC. His love of world music has him busy with various ongoing projects including Middle-Eastern and Arabic drumming with central Alberta ensembles, as well as live yoga and meditation music. He performs with multiple groups/bands regularly and is often a guest performer in various capacities such as vibraphone, hand percussion, marimba, drum set, and other various percussion. Marc is always working on something new to keep him learning and collaborating with wonderful artists across Canada.

His love and passion for music is evident in his enthusiasm and optimistic teaching style that focuses on encouragement, positive reinforcement, and the enjoyment of learning.