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Bringing Taiko to the Community … and having fun doing it!

LCT is an adult, community-based Taiko (Japanese drum) group.  Our business affairs are administered by, and we are financially supported by, the Lethbridge Community Taiko Association, a not for profit society. 

We respect our connections to Japanese Taiko tradition as we welcome the influence of our Western culture.  We include adult drummers of all musical experience and abilities.  LCT drummers practice year round on either Monday or Thursday evenings.  Both groups have performance commitments – either on their own or together – in the community and for private events.

The format for each practice is set out to learn material in four (4) month intervals, during which we develop a set list featuring old and new repertoire.  This set list is then used for performances over the following 4 month period.

Preparing for and performing is how all LCT members experience the unique energy of Taiko.  And to get together to learn and share. 

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