Taiko (Japanese drumming) was enjoyed in Lethbridge for a number of years prior to the formation of a sponsoring not-for profit organization.  A small group of Taiko passionate drummers applied for and completed the process to form a society to pursue funding opportunities to purchase the costly drums and other equipment required to participate in and share the love of Taiko with our community. 

Lethbridge Community Taiko Association

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Bringing Taiko to the Community … and having fun doing it!

In September 2007, the group was granted not-for –profit society status, and the new society was named Lethbridge Community Taiko Association (LCTA). 

In order to present Taiko to the community, LCTA established an adult kumi-daiko drumming ensemble, and since 2008, has continued to administer the business affairs and financially support our drumming group to bring Taiko to our community, and have fun doing it.


Lethbridge Community Taiko Association has grown from that small group of less than 10 to just under 20 registered members who love to drum.  LCTA remains passionate about providing the opportunity for adult drummers of all levels to learn, perform and enjoy Taiko.  We continue to administer and support our drumming group now known as Lethbridge Community Taiko (LCT) by maintaining and developing governance policies and funding strategies.  Our current music director Marc Vantol delivers quality experienced Taiko instruction within LCTA’s policy and procedures framework.  Together, we ensure LCTA and LCT remain strong, vibrant groups in our community.